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Boxing Classes

Boxing Classes

Class Overview

Fitness Ability: All Levels

Boxing Express:

45 mins

30 mins

Target areas: Cardio, Burn Fat, Strength

Meet Ex Professional Boxing Champion

Your chance to learn to box from a Pro!

Top Ten Rated World Champion and Two Time Commonwealth Champion.

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Boxing training with Top Ten Rated Ex Professional Boxer Richard Williams

Experience the thrill of our boxing classes, just 3 minutes from Southwark Station, near London Bridge at Three Two Run. Come and train with ex-professional boxer, two-time Commonwealth champion Richard Williams. Learn how to box like a pro while getting fit, working on footwork, boxing stance, and how to punch like a professional boxer.

Our high-energy sessions combine authentic boxing techniques with cardiovascular and strength training exercises, delivering a comprehensive full-body workout. Perfect for all fitness levels, these classes help you build strength, agility, and confidence.

Located near London Bridge, Three Two Run offers expert-led boxing and box fit classes designed to push your limits and unleash your potential. Join our vibrant fitness community and start your journey to a healthier, stronger you. Book your class today and train with the best to achieve your fitness goals!

Location and Getting To Class

Based Just a Few Minutes from Southwark Station.

We are based just three minutes from Southwark station, in the incredible studio over looking London. It is a light and airy studio and is a refreshing change to your usual grimey boxing studio!

It is just a short walk from London Bridge, Blackfriars and London Bridge, with easy access from these locations.

FAQ - Boxing Classes with Richard Williams

Do I need to bring my own gloves?

Yes! For hygiene reasons we ask you to bring your own gloves.

If you are wanting to try the class for a first time and do not own your own gloves please let us know at your time of booking and we will reserve you a pair of gloves so you can try boxing for the first time.

What will I learn in my boxing class?

You will learn how to box like a pro from former pro boxer Richard Williams. Learning inside tips of what it is like to box and how to throw punches properly.  

Do I need to be fit to attend class?

No! It is open to all levels and fitness, the class will be tailored to your level and is very welcoming. 

Is it suitable for experienced boxers?

Absolutely! You can learn so much in one session and learning the skills from this incredible boxer is invaluable. It is also a great way to meet Richard Williams and book in for Personal Training and 1 2 1’s in boxing to develop your skills further if you wish.  

I am completely new to boxing is that ok?

Yes this is designed for all levels, a lot of people that come are completely new to boxing so you will not be alone.

Is boxing open to both men and women?

Absolutely, yes!  

Any other information?

It is normal for people to feel intimidated about the idea of attending a boxing class for the first time. Please don’t! This is the most warm and welcoming environment you will ever find. Richard’s passion for boxing resonates through the class, as he spreads his joy for the sport. Helping people get fitter, whilst learning a new skill.  

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