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Female Personal Trainer London Bridge

Start your fitness journey with a personal training package

Three Two Run’s aim is to offer personal training sessions tailored to your specific needs. Sarah believe’s that a personalised approach to fitness is key to achieving your fitness goals. With a range of packages for you to choose from, each personal training package comes with a full consultation, and a bespoke plan that’s tailored to your goals and preferences.

Personal Training Packages and Costs

Buy as A Gift or Treat Yourself to a Personal Trainer

Three Two Run's personal training packages are designed to give you the best possible start. No matter what your current fitness level or goals may be. All training packages come with a full consultation, and a prescriptive personal training plan just for you. Train online or in person, either outdoors or in a gym setting. Choose one of Sarah's personal training packages today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Your body and your goals!



To be used within 6 weeks of first session.

  • 1×1 hour PT session
  • Trial session



To be used within 6 weeks of first session.

  • 10 x 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions
  • Online or in person, London SE1 (outdoors or inside)
  • Includes consultation and fitness assessment
  • Nutrition Guidance

Transformation Package


To be used within 8 weeks of first session.

  • 20 x 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions
  • Online or in person, London SE1 (outdoors or inside)
  • Includes consultation and fitness assessment
  • Food Diary Analysis & Nutrition Guidance

Stronger Together


To be used within 6 weeks of first session.

  • Train with a friend either online or in person.
  • 10 x 1 hour sessions
  • Online or in person, London SE1 (outdoors or inside)
  • Includes consultation and movement assessment

Where Will My Personal Training Package Take Place?

Sarah’s Personal Training Sessions take place at 12th Floor Wellness Studio, Working From_ building Southwark, just a few minutes from Southwark Station, and easy walking distance from London Bridge, Southbank, Waterloo, and SE1.

Whether you prefer a gym setting, an outdoor space, or the comfort of your own home, Sarah understands that not everyone has the same schedule or lifestyle which is why she offers flexibility in terms of location for your personal training sessions.

You can conveniently fit your exercise routine into your day. You can be heading to or from work, or want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break. Sarah believes that making exercise accessible and convenient is key to reaching your fitness goals.

Female Personal Trainer

Sarah trains both men and women. Some ladies prefer to train with a female personal trainer as they feel that a woman understands a woman’s body more and the changes the woman’s body goes through. Sarah prides herself on creating a safe space in her private London Bridge studio, where newcomers can feel less intimidated than they might in a public gym.

Sarah’s Private Personal Training Gym Studio:

Come and visit Sarah’s beautiful studio conveniently located at 32 Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, SE1 8PB. The studio is on 12th floor of the Wellness Studio building, situated in the bustling area of Southwark. Take a break from your day and enjoy a personalised PT session while gazing out at the stunning views of London. Don’t wait, book now and experience the ultimate personal training session today!

Personal Training Sessions at your Private Gym:

Looking to achieve your fitness goals with convenience? Look no further! Sarah offers top-quality personal training sessions right in the comfort of your own private gym. Based in London, Sarah covers locations within the Southbank, SE1, Waterloo and Tower Bridge areas. Get in touch today and discover a whole new level of fitness!

Online Personal Training Sessions:

Sarah offers personalised and effective virtual personal training sessions that can be conducted from the comfort of your own home! Through personalised workouts and expert fitness guidance via video calls, you will transform your body and achieve the results you desire in your own environment. Trust Sarah and her online PT coaching, to help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

Outdoor Personal Training Sessions:

Why not take advantage of London’s beautiful scenery while getting fit? Experience the refreshing outdoors during a personalised training session along Southbank. Sarah can also conduct sessions in the SE1 area by the iconic Oxo Tower or stunning More London Estate.

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How Do We Get Started? The Fitness Consultation!

Every personal training package comes with a full fitness consultation. These consultations are a great way for Sarah to get to know your goals so a personalised workout plan can be put in place to start you on your fitness journey.

About You and Your Goals

Sarah will ask about your Health history. It’s important to know about any past injuries, surgeries, medications, and any pre-existing health conditions you might have that may affect the exercises you can do.

Other questions include:

  • Lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Fitness experience and current activity level
  • Your short and long term goals. This could be weight loss, muscle building, or improved endurance.
  • Your motivation

For more information on Sarah’s Classes and Personal Training See FAQ’s

If you have questions about my personal trainer packages, you can contact Sarah directly on:

📧 [email protected]