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3, 2, Run Workout Concept and fitness training in London

In response to the Covid19 Pandemic in 2020, Sarah created Three Two Run workout. As a result of the restrictions, people found themselves spending more time indoors and struggling to maintain their physical and mental health. In recognition of this challenge, Sarah became a female fitness trainer. She designed Three Two Run to inspire people to get outdoors and participate in enjoyable activities. The goal was to boost peoples mood, energy, and overall sense of wellbeing. Whilst also making exercise seem more fun and accessible to all.

Three Two Run: The aim was to reinvent the ‘lockdown’ run with ‘Three Exercises, Three Times!’

Sarah, female fitness trainer and professional musician, understands the real importance of fitness. When she’s not personal training clients, she is a talented saxophonist in London. Sarah’s experience has taught her well about the absolute importance of staying healthy and active. But she also knows that there’s more to life than just physical fitness. A healthy mind is equally crucial, and personal training can do wonders in that aspect. Guiding clients through their fitness journey helps them develop a newfound sense of self-esteem and improved self-image. Which benefits in all aspects of life.

Sarah’s goal is to educate individuals on the benefits of regular exercise. As well as, provide insight into effective workout routines. With her personal training knowledge and expertise, Sarah seeks to empower people to feel confident in their workouts. To achieve this, Sarah suggests a simple workout routine that can be done in just 20 minutes. All you have to do is go for a 20 minutes jog, perform three exercises three times, and jog home! With simple yet consistent effort, Sarah is confident anyone can transform their body and mind through the power of exercise. For exercise ideas, watch some of Sarah’s workout videos.

Female Fitness Trainer London
Female Fitness Trainer London

About Sarah

Personal Statement from Sarah – Female Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

I love to inspire people to help them achieve the best results they can from their exercise routines. I enjoy motivating people and finding ways to help improve their lives through fitness, helping people engage in a healthier lifestyle. With a specialism in core strength and pole fitness.

I like to think outside the box with creative workout plans for people. When not working in fitness, I am a professional musician. This level of training and dedication has filtered in to my fitness coaching techniques and believe it helps set me apart from others. I find the two skills complement each other really well and find my ability to perform leads to a fun engaging class. Music is a great way to help motivate clients and I always tailor a music playlist to help the flow of my classes. I have been teaching music since I was 15 years old and this has helped me in coaching people in all aspects of their health and fitness.

When it comes to people’s health and fitness for me it is all about the client. I want to help people realise their goals are obtainable and with the right guidance and coaching anything is achievable. It is important for me to create a warm inviting environment for people to feel comfortable and at ease regardless of their level or ability.

Take a look at my personal training packages and fitness classes today, and lets smash your fitness goals!

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