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how to start a healthier lifestyle

How to start a healthier lifestyle


Taking care of your health means you should pay attention to what you are eating. So, for our first important tip on how to start a healthier lifestyle. is consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables. This ensures your body receives all the essential vitamins and minerals it requires on a daily basis. It is suggested that about one-third of your diet should be comprised of fruits and vegetables. You can add them to your everyday dishes: 80g of fresh, frozen, dried or canned fruit and vegetables, or 150ml juice or smoothies all count toward meeting this requirement. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that only one portion of each fruit or veg counts towards the recommended 5 a day, so no need to go overboard with your intake.
Some simple ways to increase your fruit and vegetable intake include:
  • Add them to your breakfast
  • Finely dicing a variety of veg into your favourite pasta dishes
  • Roasting your veg with an array of herbs and spices
  • Blending them into a dip or sauce e.g. red pepper and garlic hummus
  • A piece of fruit as a quick snack

With these tips on how to start a healthier lifestyle, you should be on your way to a healthier you in no time!

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