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10 minute full body resistance band workout

10 minute full body resistance band workout

This fully body workout can be done with one resistance band and only takes ten minutes. There are four quick exercises that should be done three times each:

  1. Standing chest flys
  2. Standing rows
  3. Forward lunges with around the world
  4. 100 metre sprint

Workout summary

  • Minimal equipment need: one resistance band
  • Takes only 10 minutes
  • Develops chest, back, and lower body strength
  • Helps improve posture, balance, and general stability
  • Incorporates high-intensity interval training
  • Good for males and females

Workout breakdown

This is a full body workout that engages all major muscle groups. I recommend that these exercises are completed in order of Chest Fly, Rows, Forward Lunges, and end with 100 metre sprint.

Repeat this set 3 times.

Standing chest flys

  1. Forward pull. Stand with feet apart and keep arms straight. Pull arms together in line with your sternum (breastbone).
  2. Pull back. Keep the pull back slow and controlled. Don’t allow your elbows to pass your shoulders.
  3. Added challenge. To increase resistance step away from the band.

Complete 15 reps.

Standing rows

  1. Forward pull. As you pull the resistance band towards your chest, keep elbows tucked in as you pull past your rib cage and back.
  2. Pull back. On the pull back, hold for a second and feel the squeeze between your shoulder blades.

Complete 15 reps.

Forward lunge with around the world

  1. Lunge forward. Before you lunge make sure to keep your front knee at a right angle and keep your knee straight as you lunge forwards. Don’t push your knee past your toe.
  2. Lunge back. As you come out of the lunge, push off the ground with your foot.
  3. Change legs with each lunge.
  4. Around the world. As you lunge forwards, keep arms straight whilst performing a circle motion with your hands over your head while holding the resistance band.

Complete 15 reps.

100 metre sprint

  1. Finish the set with a 100 metre sprint.

Repeat all four exercises 2 more times to complete set of 3.

Don’t forget to stretch after.

How does this workout help?

This variety of resistance band workouts engages your core muscle groups and ends with a short sprint to get your pulse racing.

Standing chest fly: this targets your chest muscles and works your front shoulders and biceps. The exercise builds chest strength and definition while improving your posture.

Standing rows: targets your large back muscles, biceps, rhomboids, and traps. It helps build a strong back, supporting overall spinal health.

Forward lunges: this engages multiple muscle groups at once including your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. This builds your overall leg muscles which improves balance, stability and general lower body power.

Sprints: ending the workout with a sprint incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into the session. This can improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart rate up and promoting better blood flow. It can also elevate your metabolic rate for a period after exercise, potentially aiding in burning more calories throughout the day.

Personal trainer sessions

I use a wide range of cardio, HIIT, and resistance band exercises to give my clients a well rounded full body workout. If you would like a more personalised workout plan, I give PT sessions suited to your needs.

I provide in-person sessions in my private gym in Southwark SE1, or online personal training sessions that can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

See my personal trainer packages.

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