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3 resistance band exercises to improve posture

3 resistance band exercises to improve posture

  1. 15 Core Twists (both sides)
  2. 15 Bent Over Rows
  3. 15 Reverse Flys

These three resistance band exercises are great for improving your posture and strengthening your core. They’re easy enough to do at home with a simple resistance band and can be incorporated into most workout routines.

Workout summary

  • Resistance band needed
  • Helps improve your posture
  • Tones your abs, shoulders, and chest
  • Great for building core strength
  • Good for males and females

Workout breakdown

There are three sets to this posture workout session. I recommend you start with Core Twists, then move onto the Bent Over Twists, and finish with Reverse Flys.

Repeat this set 3 times.

First: 15 Core twists

Complete 15 reps on each side. You can make the resistance bands heavier by stepping away from the band.

  1. Keep arms straight. The key to this exercise is to keep your arms nice and straight and rotate your torso when you pull outwards.
  2. Twist and hold. Slowly pull out outwards and hold for a couple of seconds.
  3. Controlled return. Slowly release. When the resistance band moves back in, keep the band controlled.
  4. 15 reps. Complete 15 reps then switch side and do another 15.

Second: 15 bent over rows

  1. Straight back. Hold both handles and keep your back straight and slowly pull out.
  2. Squeeze elbows together. When you pull out, squeeze your elbows together as your hands go past your waist.
  3. When you get to the top of the pull, keep your shoulder blades squeezed together and hold for a few seconds.
  4. Controlled release. Slowly pull back in with a controlled release.
  5. 15 reps. Complete 15 reps.

Third: 15 reverse flys

This is a tough exercise which not only works your shoulders but is also a great workout for your pectorals. For even more of a challenge, increase resistance by moving your hands closer to the centre of the band.

  1. Straight arms. Hold your arms out straight in front of holding the resistance band. Ensure your arms are in line with your shoulders throughout.
  2. Open your arms out. Slowly open your arms wide to either side, feeling the resistance against the band to keep your core engaged.
  3. 15 reps. Complete 15 reps.

That’s one set. Repeat two more times to complete a set of 3.

How does this help my posture?

These three exercises are a great way to improve your posture and overall core strength. But what do they do exactly?

Core twits: primarily target obliques (side abs) with some core engagement. The workout strengthens the muscles that rotate your torso, which improves core stability.

Bent over rows: targets your upper back muscles as well as biceps. This helps build a strong back which is important for good posture and general spinal health.

Reverse fly: helps strengthen the muscles in the back of your shoulders. This can improve posture and contribute to a more balanced upper body physique.

PT sessions

A good, strong posture can help reduce pain, improve musculoskeletal health, enhance breathing and generally increase your energy levels.

I use a wide variety of resistance band exercises to improve my client’s posture and overall core strength. If you would like a more personalised workout plan, I offer PT sessions tailored to your needs.

I provide in-person sessions in my private gym in Southwark SE1, or online personal training sessions that can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

See my personal trainer packages.

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