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Fitness Classes London

Bespoke Fitness Programme in London

As part of the Three Two Run brand we offer an exclusive fitness programme that can be delivered as part of your gym or in house fitness space. We look after everything from instructors, to workout delivery and booking systems.
Working with you to deliver a bespoke fitness programme for your clients.
Offering discounted Personal Training, classes and specialist skill courses.
Classes can include everything from your traditional Circuits based classes, Ab Blast, Workout to Music, Corrective Posture Workouts, Resistance Band Training, Core Workouts, Fitness MOT’s, Health and Wellness hub drop ins. Specialist skills classes including Stretch, Pole Dance Fitness, Dance Classes, Aerial Skills.
Taking a holistic approach to promoting health and wellness where people can re coup, unwind and destress during their working day and after work.
In addition to the class programming we will provide information for newsletters, promotions and sign up forms.
Get in touch now to discuss more information on how we can you with a full bespoke fitness programme for your space.
Sarah after a PT session