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Boxing Classes London Bridge

Boxing Timetable London Bridge


Train with 2 x Commonwealth Champion RIchard Williams, ranked top 10 in the world.

Monday Boxing Classes 

12pm class – 12.45pm Bermondsey Hall, London Bridge

Book your class: WhatsApp Richard 07809 427 911


Tuesday Boxing Classes

7.30am – 8.15am Working From_ Building SE1 8PB

8.15am – 8.45am Abs

12.45pm – 1.15pm Boxing Express

7pm – 7.45pm Boxing

Book your class here.


Wednesday Boxing Classes

7.30am – 8.15am Working From_ Building SE1 8PB

8.15am – 8.45am Warrior

1.15pm – 1.45pm Boxing Express

Book your class here.


Thursday Boxing Classes

7.15am – 8am Boxing class Bermondsey Hall, London Bridge

12 – 12.45pm Boxing class 

Book your class: WhatsApp Richard 07809 427 911


1.15pm – 1.45pm Boxing Express Working From_ Building SE1 8PB

6.45pm – 7.30pm Boxing

Book your class here.


Friday Boxing Classes

7.30am – 8.15am Boxing Class Working From_ Building SE1 8PB

8.15am – 8.45am Boxing Express

12.15 – 1pm Boxing

Book your class here.


Sunday Boxing Classes

11am – 12pm Miguels Boxing Gym, Brixton SE24 OHN

Book your class: WhatsApp Richard 07809 427 911

Evening Boxing Classes Coming Soon!

Please register your interest directly with Richard Williams @rsecretwilliams. Stating your preferred time and venue location.

Please state the earliest start time you could make and your preferred venue:

Working From_Southwark or Camberwell.


Improve Your Technique, Fitness, Strength, Power, Speed & Endurance

Boxing Class Venue, London SE1

Full Venue Address, Costs and How To Book Your Class

Richard Williams boxing class venues.


Bermondsey Hall, Kirby Grove, SE1 3TD

£10 class, please pay in cash and confirm your attendance by WhatsApp to Richard Williams directly a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


Working From_ 12th floor, 32 Blackfriars Road, SE1 8PB

You must book your classes for this venue here. Classes start from £10 if you buy a package or £15 for a one off class. See more details on the venue here there are showers and towels. 


Miguel Boxing Gym, 261 Hardess St, SE24 0HN

£15 a class, cash on the day. Please reserve your space in advance by contacting Richard Williams directly. 

For Personal Training with Boxing Coach Richard Williams please contact him directly.

You can keep in touch with Richard Williams on Instagram @rsecretwilliams and WhatsApp 07809 427 911.

Please note it is a strict 48 hour cancellation policy on all classes and personal training.


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